Why Bank Misr ads were the best ?

Why Bank Misr ads were the best ?

During the past few days, pictures of some tourists wearing clothes have spread with phrases written in Egyptian colloquial, including:

“I don’t want to buy something,”

and “I don’t want a taxi,”

to escape harassment. Beggars and sellers as well as taxi drivers who harass them.

Egyptian Tourism

Viewers got angry

It was a newspaper news 2015 that i remembered when

the viewers grew angry at the TV Commercial because of the length of the advertisements during the same series.

This is how the market for television ads has become,

fierce competition and the financing is perhaps bigger than the financing of many series,

where the viewer (the tourist) , the potential target does not even like hearing

the names of the products or the identities of advertisers

because of the accumulation of repeated years of vulgarity and underestimation,

as case of intellectual and innovative sterility compete to only steal view’s attention & Time, so that ,

the Supreme Council of Media announces its warnings to reduce

the duration of advertisements and the rate of repetition of three times during the same series.

Why Bank Misr ads were the best ?
TV Ads

Controversy state

amid questions by viewers :

  • Will these announced companies, whose financing amounts to 100 million gain profits?
  • Why did they get star “X” or star “Y” and for 30-40 million and my service from worst to worst?

Well, after millions,

I do not even know the name of the product,

Between statistics, and misleading criteria “frequently” to measure the success of that campaigns.

Positive Capsule

One of those ads looks to us with wonderful, familiar music

and outdoor life photography of the viewers with their pictures as in normal life, children and youth of both sexes,

With a movement for a fast life punctuated by beautiful

moments and positive handwritten words on a wall of a street with beautiful graphite ..

Then a familiar voice singing 

“I am possible”

Why Bank Misr ads were the best ?
2021 Bank Misr ads

to be the advertisement that came to get us out ” that negative blackholes of the others and the controversy around them..

to last for minutes in which you listen to three voices that meet the viewers (All audiences )

in harmony with smooth flow of pleasant traffic without a vulgar or silly scene or an annoying sound.

Professional market intelligence

In view of the past years, we will find that the series of Banque Misr advertising campaigns achieved two professional points that :

  • Indicate a highly efficient market intelligence effort.
  • Collective competencies behind the scenes, were close enough to the audience to be aware of the pulse of the collective consciousness of the target audiences

Ideal Model for new Era

These were points of excellence

that appeared in choosing the appropriate Outdoor Ads technique

and provided a vision for successive campaigns telling the story of the viewers through successive chapters, 

began with (Will back) and lastly, (I am the Possible) in the same spirit of directing, filming and the message

Why Bank Misr ads were the best ?
Series of Banque Misr advertising campaigns

Act as Ideal model for handling new era variables associated with impact of virtual world on human emotions, behaviors and mechanism of the memory process 

EX. : Trend effect & it’s effect on forecasting & Virtual space impact on human memory 

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