What is insurance?

What is insurance?

Insurance ?!

What is insurance ?!

Financial management method and insurance companies Financial management institutions

(such as / banks – stock exchange companies and securities trading ,,,)

What is the advantage in insurance over other financial management institutions?

It is distinguished from others by the presence of an insurance cover

(an insurance amount that is spent upon the occurrence of damage to the insured in the event of individual insurance or damage to the insured property such as cars or homes and businesses ..)

Insurance is done through a contract between the insured and the company so that the insured is bound by the insurance premium

(Determined by the insured in advance when contracting)

in exchange for the company’s commitment to pay the amount of insurance (specified in advance when contracting)

when damage occurs to the insured whether in himself or his property.

Here we quickly learned ( What is insurance? )… We move on to the question ( Is it a guaranteed method ?!)

الآن بعد تعرفنا علي ✔️ ما هو التأمين ؟! وهل التأمين مضمون ؟! لنتعرف كيف يمكن ان يكون التأمين وسيلة استثمار بالضافة للميزة التأمينية ...

Is it guaranteed ?!

The insurance contract will be secured through Financial Supervision Authority 🔎

(Uniforms of the central bank in cases of banks to guarantee customers’ money)

which play the role of monitoring companies to ensure the rights of customers and beneficiaries in cases of harm to the insured.

  • Now that we got acquainted with

What is insurance ?!

Is it guaranteed ?!

Let us know how it can be a means of investment in addition to the insurance advantage …

Is insurance possible in which an investment is like a bank?

Insurance is either “for insurance only” or “insurance that includes investment”

where the “insured” is a partner of the insurance company in its investments only (without partnership In investment management)

with a profit rate that varies according to the form of investment that the customer chooses

(between investment certificates and bills – shares – real estate investment) .. The

point of

life insurance

is a socio-economic system that works on cooperation and solidarity among the participating members, by pooling risks And redistribute them in a sound scientific system

to reduce the burden of loss on the individual who inflicts harm.

A means of an organized savings organization that

works to develop the individual’s savings, and it is a system that resembles an organized savings system as the individual’s means to stop paying installments is linked to the provisions and rules of the organization, making these savings less vulnerable to risk, and

thus life insurance works to develop and strengthen the elements of safety and provide long-term and continuous protection and this is

what It differs from saving in banks or banks ..

companies have succeeded in dealing with the repercussions

of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) and committed themselves to applying the Financial Supervision Authority’s procedures ,distancing

whether related to safety and social rules,

working from home or for granting customers longer payment terms for installments Taking into account

their circumstances and the impact of customers on the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on their economic activities.

The companies subscribed to medical insurance committed themselves

with the Coronavirus from corporate clients, in order to stand by the clients in this exceptional circumstance, have to the directives of the Financial Supervision to cover treatment.

The Authority’s directives also included many other measures to facilitate intermediaries, companies and customers.

“The Perfect Partner Who Provides Knowledge & Abilities for his clients to be able to adapt & manage the changes to be Secure”

What should the applicant do before signing and receiving the insurance policy

It is important to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the document before contracting,

except for the documents. Mandatory (the unified document for compulsory motor insurance).

The applicant must review the conditions and exclusions contained in the document presented to him,

and not be satisfied with explaining the company’s representative,

as well as review any additional conditions or annexes that may be attached to the document, and ask what constitutes or Concepts,

in order to ward off disputes that could arise in the future as a result of his misunderstanding of the covers and exceptions contained in the document.

“The most viable creatures are not the smartest or the strongest ,but rather the most capable of adapting to the changing circumstances they face,”

Charles Darwin.

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Choose your partner carefully, and separate your contract according to your needs in order to achieve your goals ..

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With an broker, you know how to

secure yourself and your family financially

with the best programs detailed according to your goals and remain able to cope with changes with the flexibility of appropriate contracting …

What is the legal concept of insurance ?!

It is a contract whereby the “insurer – the company” is obligated to pay to the “insured – the customer” or to the beneficiary for whom has stipulated an amount of money, revenue, or any other compensation in the event of an accident or the risk indicated contract is realized in the in return for a premium or any payment Other financial services paid by the insured to the insured, which includes insurance (for individuals and companies), whether property such as auto and real estate , life and for individuals and health .

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