The Royal mummies transfer

The Royal mummies transfer

Hi every body this is Adel Refaat , today I’m going to talk about upcoming special event in Egypt and sharing my knowledge about this unique ceremony ( The Royal mummies transfer ) ..

In the coming days , people in Egypt & around the whole world – if they’re interested in history or not – are waiting for the great event in the third of April of The Royal mummies transfer.

Majestic procession

It is announced by The Egyptian Government and The ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that 22 royal mummies will be transferred in a majestic procession from their current place in the Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square to The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat .

Royal mummies transfer
Royal mummies parade

The 22 mummies are 18 of kings and 4 of queens

Oh my god , King Ramses II will be moving in the Egyptian streets..

Among the mummies of kings is the mummy of King Ramses II , King Seqnen Ra , King Thutmose III and King Seti I .

Mummies of queens are the queen Hatshebsut, queen Ahmose – Merit Amun and queen Ahmose Nefertari.

Brief about some of the kings and queens in ( The Royal mummies transfer parade ) :

King Ramses II ..

He is considered the greatest and the most powerful king in the Ancient Egypt.

Ramses II is  son of king Seti I and he ruled Egypt for about 67 years & led several military expeditions into the levant and also to the south into Nubia.

He focused on building cities , temples and monuments like Abu Simbel temples and a lot of Obelisks too , and died at about the age of 90.

Royal mummies transfer
King Ramses II ..

King Thutmose III ..

He was the sixth pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and ruled Egypt for almost 54 years .

King Seqnen Ra

Father of king Ahmose and he ruled over the last of the local kingdoms of the Theban region of Egypt in the 17th Dynasty .

King Seqnen Ra was known of his bravery and he had many battles against the Hyksos .

King Seti I ..

He is the son of king Ramses I and father of king Ramses II .

Queen Hatshepsut ..

She is considered one of he most important personalities who came to the throne of Egypt as she could re-establish the trade networks that had been disrupted during Hyksos occupation of Egypt and contributed in implementing of great construction projects through out lower and upper Egypt.

Royal mummies transfer
Queen Hatshepsut ..

Queen Merit Amun ..

She is the wife of king Amenhotep the first and daughter of king Ahmose and is thought to be died at the age of 30 .

Queen Ahmose – Nefertari ..

She is a queen of the 18h Dynasty & the daughter of king Seknen Ra and wife of king Ahmose.

I had a lot of questions from my followers and my friends about how authorities in Egypt are going to display these mummies in this museum. You imagine mummies in a museum.

If you are in Egypt or you had been to the Egyptian museum before , there was just a room for mummies, but nowadays we’re talking about a museum for mummies.

As I said in the beginning, most of the media around the world I have read we’re talking about 200 TV channels  will cover this great event.

And while no details have been revealed by he Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities about the Royal transfer , just we all stay tuned for the Royal Parade in the third of April which is considered once in lifetime event.

Royal mummies transfer
Queen Ahmose – Nefertari

National Museum of Egyptian civilization ..

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is a large museum & located in the ancient city of Fustat , now part of Cairo, Egypt.

(23,235 square meters of exhibition space)

It was partially opened in February 2017 and will display a collection of 50,000 artefacts , presenting Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day.

Royal mummies transfer
National Museum of Egyptian civilization ..

The first veritable museum of civilization in Egypt

It is located on the archaeological site of El-Fustat in Old Cairo, overlooking the Ain El-Seera Lake & it was designed by Egyptian architect El Ghazali Kosseiba.

The exhibition spaces are being designed by Japanese architect ( Arata Isozaki ).

It will showcase Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day, using a multidisciplinary approach that highlights the country’s tangible and intangible heritage.

Adel Refaat

Egypt is a country of wonder and mystery My true passion is to share the knowledge and myths of Ancient Egypt with you. studied at the Suez Canal University Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. My knowledge of Egypt has been strengthened during my 18 years of traveling the country as a tour director. continue expanding my knowledge by attending lectures of well-known Egyptologists and remaining current with archeological discoveries. It is with great joy that I have developed simple and interesting way to cover the secrets of Egyptian heritage. hope that every reader enjoys the contents as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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