Invaders of consciousness

Invaders of consciousness

“We do not care much about the nature of the system that we have to establish in order to preserve Middle Eastern oil, as the main thing is that this oil remains within our reach.”
This was Lord Balfour’s statement granting the Zionists a country that he did not own
(Haun Kimchi “Palestine and Israel”, published by Michel Alban, 1973)

Invaders of consciousness

Belford’s statement clearly shows from the outset the extent of his disregard for the peoples of this land that he does not own, and the true purpose of Zionism is to establish a state that establishes it on religious belief and ethnic fanaticism that only cares about the region’s wealth.

However, it is a strategy of deceiving the masses with the slogans of religious emotional blackmail that tickled the emotions of the masses through years, even decades, until the people of Zionism legalized the existence of this Israeli entity, and then continued through the years, creating another extremist pole, but Islamic and not Jewish, so he brought out for us the (Muslim Brotherhood) working as Jewish Zionists work as founders. Their beliefs are based on myths such as those on which the doctrine of the Israeli entity is based, and from which the psychological warfare has drawn its focal points, including:

  • First: The saying of historical truth and the promised land reveals the Muslim Brotherhood saying the Islamic Caliphate and the return of the Caliphate
  • Second: The saying of anti-Semitism and the persecution of the Jews. On the other side, the Muslim Brotherhood is also seen saying the war on Islam and the persecution of Muslims.
  • Third: The saying of the Jewish race is the chosen people of God, the Brotherhood, and those who are similar to them among the Muslims say we are the surviving group, and a saying
  • Fourth: Israel is the guardian of legitimacy in the region and resists terrorism, as well as the idiots who are Islamists claim that they protect the legitimacy and carry out the command of God to kill, terror, and destroy the country and the people
Invaders of consciousness

The game … Occupation from a distance

They are both tools of a single entity that knows the truth of their leaders, but most of their commoners do not know that they are walking on a path planned for them to follow it to a destination that they think is their goal, and what is nothing but the goal of their leaders and the motors of their leaders among the founders of the Zionist entity

The game with the eyes of the invaders is a “remote occupation” by dividing, destroying and killing, then appointing an alternative as an agent that guarantees the continuation of attrition in favor of the conquerors of consciousness under the methodology of “divide and conquer” and devote all means of disinformation and ignorance to spread a permanent and continuous feeling of fear, suspicion and sick bewilderment among the masses, and the chances of success increase Partisanship and manipulation of all parties, so that weapons are sold and resources and land are depleted to secure the interests of these invaders in the targeted region, “the countries of the Middle East.”

Invaders of consciousness

In short, this is a plan that has been worked on for years and years under the leadership of veteran scholars and politicians such as (Bernard Lewis) and (George Source), as these conquerors of consciousness see the wars and destruction – which occurred in the Middle East from the destruction of an entire country and the displacement of people – as a game or a commercial project. His scholars were originally agents of global Zionism, so it was promoted under the name (The Great or New Middle East Scheme) with the permission of the US Foreign Ministry, the executor and the supporter of the two previous tools, the pseudo-poles (Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood), Israel and Turkey, and dreams of the return of the caliphate, but in an Ottoman-Erdogan dress.
Under the curtains of ignorant, sectarian, sectarian wars in which the conquerors of consciousness are not concerned with the number of deaths or the extent of the destruction of countries, the invaders of consciousness control the arms trade and drug trade, multiplying on the deliberate destruction and “creative chaos” of their non-human interests, trying to manipulate the warring parties in order to ensure the continuation of the conflict

The foolish … the treason militia

You see the fools of Islamists implementing a Zionist agenda with American instructions and claiming that they have the right to support the religion of God and on the other side are fighting all the peaceful and targeted Islamic countries and depleting their wealth – such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Syria, Iraq and Libya – as the largest countries for which division was targeted in the “New East Plan” and all This is under the screams of idiots and Islamists cheering and growing up as they destroy and shed blood
Here we discover the extent of the underestimation that the methodology of the conquerors of consciousness and the people of evil has reached in deceiving and manipulating the peoples and laughing at them in order to destroy their countries and kill and commit suicide while they still think that they are certain that this insomnia is what God wants as if they are claiming with false certainty and vanity that they are aware of the intentions of God, in words that are not There is nothing wrong with interpretation and fabrications about God and His Messenger.

As for the big war makers on the awareness of the people, they talk about killing as a project that is marketed under curtains that seem legitimate. They are not concerned with the lives of people or the destruction of countries as long as it achieves their interest.

They practice misleading them against small implementers such as Muslim fools – led by a deranged state official who leads them and supports them within a plot of cynicism and a war of consciousness – you see them working as a proficiency in misleading the intuitions of any human being and ignoring and distorting his awareness of the masses, and yet they actually boast about it and a saying that gives themselves the right to determine the fate of people after their death, even if he himself He does not know the fate of himself, so you see them enter this Heaven and this Hellfire and devour the pipe of dreams as if they are visions of revelation until the matter reaches a vulgar level and a clear revealing of the truth of the shamelessness of these people, whether at the level of the adults of them who deal with destruction, murder and displacement on the basis that it is a commercial project or on the level of the lowliness of the little ones like this liar Who claims to be a Sheikh to mislead the weak-minded in his group and to complete the implementation of the great disregard for the benefit of their pride and demons with the aim of misleading society as a whole …

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